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Manual set up of a second nest protect?

Community Member

Why isn't there an option just to set it up manually? I'm adding a second one years after the first and it's insisting I have to wake up the first one which is high up on a ceiling and it is refusing to wake up via the app. It's unreachable in its current location so any wake up has to be remote. Bluetooth works over a large distance so there is no reason why it shouldn't wake. I've tried the check up and it won't do that on demand but does do it on a schedule and I get the reports so it does have some connectivity.


If the first one won't wake up you can't proceed. There's no way to force wake it in the app. There's no 'just set up manually' in the app either.  The nest protect has an ip address and I've tried pinging it but it's unreachable. I can't reach the button to wake it up so it's got to be done remotely. It does all the reports and shows a status each day so it's connected but is clearly sleeping most of the time.


I just want a way to set up the second one without reference to the first one but can't. Had I known the set up process was this restricted I wouldn't have bought the second one at all.


Any bright ideas on how to force the set up to proceed to a manual set up of the second one?




Community Member

So after going around the loop a few times I ended up using the chat support which offered a solution of sorts!


The only way around the problem is to add a second home and then add the second protect to that instead of the first. It's awkward and now I have two homes with one protect in each. I have no idea how you move one to the other to have one home with both products in. Hmmm.