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Need Next Protect 120V Power connectors

Community Member

Regrettably and unbeknown to me the handyman employee who installed my 8 Nest Protect Generation 2 units neglected to attached the power connectors.  I only became aware of this situation almost two years later when I started receiving low battery notifications.   The connectors provided with the unit would have been discarded with the packaging.   The google store does not sell the part neither does any third party retailer that I am aware.  Since I became aware of this issue 40 days after the two year warranty expired, Google support is unable to send me the 8 connectors through your warranty.  I am not looking for free connectors, just the way to purchase 8 of these low cost connectors so that my over $1000 investment in Nest Protects is not wasted.  

I notice that others on the forum have requested the connectors.  In addition the Google support people with whom I spoke said that they have heard this issue for others.   Other alarm companies, such as First Alert, sell their alarm power connector parts even though the initial cost of a new alarm is significantly less than Nest Protect.