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Nest Home Report confusion after replacing nest protect

Community Member

I had to replace a nest protect with a new one in July.  I removed the old one out of the app and put the new one in.  Looking at the iOS app or website in my browser, I only see one nest protect in my kitchen.  

However, the July home report says that I had one device disconnected from wifi the whole month.  The new one passes the wifi test when I view it and is green like the others.  I suspect it's the old one that appears in the report.  Will this get cleaned up on it's own or will it continue to send me invalid reports monthly?

In the report, it lists the kitchen twice also! 

"We're looking at info from 8 Nest Protects: Basement (Rack), Basement (Stairs), Hallway, Kitchen, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Office (Caryn), Office (Luke). "

I don't see the kitchen listen twice in the app.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi laffer1,  


Thanks for bringing this up. I understand your concern about your Nest Protects. To confirm, the one that you removed from your Nest app, did you reset it as well? As long as your Nest Protect is not linked to your account it shouldn't send you any report.