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Nest Protect - Connect to Orbi Mesh tri-band router.

Community Member

I believe my protect is Get 1 as it was mfg in 2018.

I know it connects using 2.4ghz.  My orbi router does not broadcast the different bands.  Rather, it connects on the fly to whatever device is trying to connect.  My iPhone is a 12.  iOS 15.  with the nest app.  Both the iOS and the app are latest update versions,  Likewise, the orbi is at latest firmware version.  So, when my iPhone connects to the orbi, it connects at 5.0 GHz.  I know this because in the orbi app under devices I see it listed and when I check the drop down, it shows 5.0GHz.

So, I can not add the Nest Protect because my iPhone is on 5.0GHz when the Protect is trying to connect at 2.4GHz. Since they mismatch connection fails.  

I saw some convoluted  YouTube videos that says you can make the orbi broadcast both, by using telnet.  But, the video was done on a PC, whereas I have a MAC.  When I say convoluted, it is an awful lot of steps.  First, I would have to downgrade the firmware on the router.  Next, I would have to download and install telnet on the Mac.  Then using the terminal to invoke the commands to force the orbi to broadcast both bands.

There has got to be another way to add the Protect.  I do not have an old, old iPhone that is 2.4GHz only.  I threw out my old airport router a few months back.

Anybody have any thoughts?  Certainly, this can not be a unique case given the number of orbis out there.



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I am having the same problem and I can not fix it!

Community Member

Did anyone ever solve this? I have tried almost everything I can think of with my Nest Protects and Orbi 760.