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Nest Protect - Feature Request - Add Location Plus Voice - Garage

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Requesting that location "Garage" be added to locations for Nest Protect.  Sure I can use a custom name and it is named garage but the verbal announcement cant say garage so I picked the closest to me - basement - but I don't have a basement. 

Maybe not that many people put a protect in the garage - but I believe there should be one in every garage - especially for the growing EV market.  Or lawn equipment or other reasons the garage should be included and the voice should be able to say, "Garage." 

Thank you for considering this request.





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I would second that.  The stance that it’s not recommended due to potential false alarms with vehicle idling or environmental doesn’t hold true with the diverse range of housing today.  

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Agree. Not only is the possibility of false alarms from internal combustion engine exhaust eliminated by an EV, there is a strong need to have a connected alarm to detect battery thermal runaway events (which are thankfully rare, but high consequence when they occur).

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I can also add I have had a nest protect in the garage for well over a year and have a car in the garage you would not want to stand behind for long while running. I have never had it go off once.  And if it did - that is better then a fire growing out of control until and if it made it to other protects. This is stupid - afraid some will call is not a legitimate reason to increase your users risk?  

Just add the option - people are going to do what they going to do while they be what they going to be.