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Nest Protect with hot batteries

Community Member

I have three nest protects and have never had any issues with them. Last night one started chirping and I had a low battery alert on my phone. When I tried to take the batteries out, three of them were so hot they nearly burnt my fingers. I see alot of posts regarding this. I'm a bit weary to just replace the batteries and trust this device. Any suggestions?


Community Member

I'm in the same boat. We installed 5 units in May of 2017. All of them have their original batteries. Today one unit sounded the low-battery chirps (and I got a notification on the phone). When I removed the batteries they were so hot that they dropped out of my hands.

Oddly, the unit which started chirping is in the least trafficked area (guest bedroom) of the house, so the nightlight function which may be part of the battery drain is the least used.

Aside from the drainage issue, given how hot these batteries were, this issue is a serious issue.

Community Member

The one chirping in my house is also the least traffic area, and the batteries didn't last as much.