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Nest fire alarms battery issue

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my Nest fire detector seems to be requiring frequent battery changes (every 2 or 3 months).  Ive cleaned to device as instructed in the manual, but doesn't seem to do much good.  the Device in a 2017 model and has been in use since early 2018.  Any suggestions?


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Hi Collmc -

A couple of suggestions I have offhand. What type of batteries are you using? I believe the battery performance is greatest when you use lithium batteries (they cost more but last longer).

Also - do you have the path light turned on? It shouldn't make that much of a difference but you could try turning it off and see if the batteries last longer.

Hope that helps.

I have the same issue.  First set of batteries lasted about 5 years, second set about 6 months and now the last two sets have lasted about a month each before the low battery beeping starts.  The path light has been set to the same setting for over five years now so I don't think that should be a factor.  I'm using Duracell (non-lithium) batteries and even if they don't last quite as long, they should last more than a month with no alarms etc.  Any suggestions as to what the issue could be other than switching to a different battery type?  I should have a few more years in my Nest Protect as the suggested replacement is 2026. 

I got message on my nest protect from Google saying use energizer ultimate lithium aa L91 batteries do let's try that

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I don't have any other suggestions for this issue other than battery choice.

Keep in mind that Google specifically states that lithium batteries be used. Not suggests, it says to use them. Mine shipped with them installed. Did you start using alkaline batteries after the first set went dead after 5 years?

Here's Google's instructions:


Protect requires lithium batteries

Both battery and wired Protect require Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA (L91) batteries.

Don’t use rechargeable or alkaline batteries. If you do, they will quickly drain and will need to be replaced soon after installing them.


They are more expensive but last a long time compared to alkalines. Maybe someone else will have an alternate solution. In any case, I hope you figure this out.

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Same here rubbish, bought new rechargeable 2300mah batteries but keep on beeping. Waste of money,

Try wired one. I regret now after paying battery operated n now again spend £20 on rechargeable batteries.


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That must be frustrating to have the batteries drain like that. I think it's because you used rechargeable batteries. Google says to only use lithium batteries. The specifics are on this page:

Fortunately, none of my Protects has started beeping. I am still on the original lithium batteries. It's been about a year. 

Good luck!


(I don't work for Google, just a member of this community)


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I just installed 8 Nest Protects and one started chirping low battery instantly after installation. I replace with recommended Lithium batteries and it still chirps and notifies low battery. 
Any suggestions here?

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At that point, I would contact Google support, tell them what's happening and that you tried new batteries. They may deem it malfunctioning and replace it.