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Nest smoke and co2 detector, 2nd generation

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I am looking to replace my expired Nest smoke detectors and have noticed some products are listed as S3003LW, S3000BWGB. Whats the difference please?


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Hello Das the S3000BWGB is 2nd Generation Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm ,Battery only

The S3003LW is 2nd Generation Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Hard wired with battery back-up 

so it depends on what your demands are of your old detectors are. if you pull one down and there are no wires connected its battery operated it should also say on it. just to make sure it was connected right originally, you can always get a pro to come and do it for you if your unsure, this will help you,9371069,7029808,

if you need more help just ask and someone will help you.


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Community Specialist

Hey Das,


I want to ensure you are good to go, and everything is working properly. Please let me know if you are still having trouble, as I will be locking the thread in 24 hours due to inactivity. 

Best regards,

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Community Specialist

Hey folks,
It looks like we haven't heard back from the OP so I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to create a new thread.

Have a great day,
Garrett DS