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No proactive app notification when a protect goes offline?

Community Member

I had to make a change to my home network that most of my smart devices handled well, no intervention. I thought the Protects did too. Days later, I happen to notice one of the Protects lit up a yellow ring. Sure enough, it had been offline for several days. As soon as I opened the app, it was reporting TWO offline. I didn't even catch the other one signaling me.

Am I supposed to get an app notification (like in the notification bar) when this happens or just wait until I notice when the yellow ring lights up or I open the app?

If that's not supposed to happen, I suggest an app notification be added. I have at least one of these Protects in a room that I don't frequent.  Smoke detectors are pretty critical so I'd like a proactive notification if they fail a check (e.g. lost wifi connection).

I do have "nightly promise" turned on for most of them but I don't always notice. Fortunately, I do understand they will still work even when off the wifi network.