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Other users are right; Google doesnt care after you buy!

Community Member

SO I bought into the whole smart home thing almost a decade ago and was an early adopter of Google Nest products and I now regret spending the money!  I needed to buy 120v power connector cables for 3 Nest Protect Wired Smoke / CO2 Detectors that were damaged during construction.  I looked everywhere but they arent available so I called Google Support (case ID 8-0594000032547) .  After finding out that my detectors are 2 years and 3 months old they arent under warranty so they cant swap them for replacements.  I explained that I was willing to PAY for the wires (it wasnt Googles fault they were damaged) but they wont even sell them to me and said I needed to buy 3 new detectors (average online price is $150 each) just for a 50 cent connector.  They basically care about the customer as long as they are legally obligated to but at 12:01 am the day after the warranty is up so is the customer care.  I'm sure other brands are adopting this business model but dont say I didnt warn you before you consider buying Nest Detectors because youre also forced to replace them when they "expire".

VERY DISAPPOINTED & will NEVER buy Google products again!