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Phone alerts coming late/after alarm has cleared.

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Does anyone know why alerts in the app are delayed and how to fix/avoid this?


I just installed a new Nest Protect. Happened to have some kitchen smoke soon after. The alarm sounded, with no phone alert. I opened the app myself and it showed green while the alarm was sounding. I silenced it using the physical button, and almost a minute later I got the alert on my phone with a prompt to silence the alarm.


The delay seems to defeat the purpose of the phone alert. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Thanks in advance!


Community Member

This has been an issue with the nest for some time now. I feel like the phone alerts can only be useful if you're not home. Silencing alerts for me also has to happen in vicinity of the alerting smoke head. Not sure if this is by design or if it is due to my network layout breaking interaction. (All IoT devices are on a different vlan/network/wifi name, with access to LAN blocked. Only access to the internet. IoT devices are tiny unsecure computers. They do not need access to computers on my home network. ) this likely breaks wifi integration as the app doesnt know how to search another subnet and devices cant access my phone. This means bluetooth would have to be used, hence me getting closer. 


I'd hope its by design so you go CHECK the area that is alarming before silencing it and going "This is fine." But am I giving them too much credit?



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I've noticed this as well. Sometimes it'll be 10+ minutes before I get a notification on my Pixel 3a XL phone which really defeats the purpose of having an internet-connected smoke alarm, because otherwise it's just a smoke alarm that has an audible voice telling me there's smoke. 

Even the self-test notifications are delayed, as I'll hear the test, then about 10-20 minutes later, get both the "we will be testing your alarm soon" and the "the test was successful" together. 

I tried turning battery optimization off so there would be less chance of Android delaying notifications, but that didn't help at all. I haven't contacted support yet, but that'll be my next step, though I don't think I'll get anything from them, perhaps a "oh just install the wired one instead of the battery one", or a "sorry, yours is too old because it's a Nest Protect, not a Google Nest Protect" or something.

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My detectors with the delayed alerts are wired models, so if they try telling you that, they'll be wrong. Good luck. If they have a useful response, i'm interested.