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Protect Praise

Community Member

This is a testimonial that I want to share with the community and the NEST team in particular.

My mother is 88 years young and still lives on her own. In the house she is living in, I installed both the Nest Protect and the Nest Thermostat roughly 2 years ago. On occasion, I will know when she forgets something on the stove as I monitor her house with my home account. (THANK YOU for allowing multiple locations on a single account, I believe it is only 2 currently, I wouldn't mind a third for my siblings). I will receive a "Smoke, in the Kitchen" alarm remotely and will call her to find that she sat down and forgot something cooking on the stove. Just last Friday, I received just such a warning from the Protect device, but this time, it followed up within 2 minutes, calling it an emergency. I had never seen this before so it truly got my attention. In my attempts to call her, there was no answer... I proceeded to speed over to her house to arrive to smoke outside and found a small fire still contained to the stove! The end story is she is fine, and thankfully the house is also fine, though stinky. In triaging the situation, I found that the Protect device had disabled the HVAC heating and blower thus minimizing the potential of fire spreading. I cannot thank the Nest developers, and team enough for a superior product and their attention to detail. THANK YOU!