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Solution for Smoke detector falsely reporting smoke and snake clearing

Community Member

One of 3 smoke detectors is falsely reporting smoke and smoke clearing over several hours. Does it need to be replaced? It’s falsely reporting when nobody is in the building. There is not dust or fumes and when we check there is no evidence of a smell or smoke thank goodness. What do we do ? It’s giving me a heart attack 


Community Member

What shall I do then. Is there nothing I can do???

Community Member

I had this problem a year or two ago and in the end phoned Google Nest for help. After trying various resets they sent me out a new smoke alarm, but the tail end to this reply is that last night that one decided to misbehave and woke us up  (I had set it off earlier in the evening when cooking steak without the cooker hood on). We checked, no smoke anywhere. 
Overall, I’d advise phoning Google Nest. They were very helpful. 
I may be in the phone queue with you….