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Trouble setting up Nest Protects Gen2

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: Timba9959  

When trying to set up Nest Protects, I can set up one without problems but every time I try to add a second Nest Protect, it goes through the entire process looking like everything is fine until the very end when it says there was a problem and can't add the additional device. I tried it using another IOS device and the same thing happens. However, I can set up a second home and add a single Next Protect to it without problems, but still can't add additional smoke detectors to either the first or second home. Since I have 6 smoke detectors, this isn't a suitable workaround since they won't be interconnected and therefore would be in violation of building codes. And the fact that I can continue to add homes and Protects seems to indicate that it isn't a problem with my router (Apple AirPort Express) limiting the number of devices on the network. In fact, during the process of trying to add the second Protect, it appears to connect as the blue light turns on the first unit, then the second, and everything seems fine until the last step when it reports that there is a problem and can't add the device.
Any ideas?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Hey Timba9959.
I understand the frustration and where you are coming from. I am sorry for the trouble you have run into, and I want to ensure you are good to go from here. You will want to sign in to the Nest app using your Google account linked with the Home app. This will allow access, and you will be able to view all your devices through either app. I did find a helpful article with more details. Please let me know if that helps.
-From Jake K, Community Specialist.