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When Will Google Home App Support Nest Protect?

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Is there a timeframe when the Google Home App will support/recognize Nest Protect? Why so long? What's the issue? Google has 150K employees...


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There must be some timeline for better integration of the Nest product line into Google Home. Like many of us out there, we have a significant investment in various Nest products. Referring users back to the EOL Nest interface is fragmented and frustrating. Google Home issues like lack of support for Nest Protect, limited camera and thermostat functionality and so on is unacceptable. I could deal with a published timeline, but the lack of communication is unprofessional in my opinion. Does anyone from Google even read these?

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71 reads and not one Google employee response - Cherchez la femme



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Just got my first Protect, but I guaranteed wont replace any more before they get that migration sorted out. IFTTT just recently updated their blog post to say:

"Earlier this year, Google announced a significant change to their Nest products. In their efforts to bring smart home solutions under a Google Assistant umbrella, the Works with Nest program was to be discontinued. That meant your IFTTT Applets for Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, and Nest Cam would cease to function. Now, that is no longer the case."

But nothing further. It's about time we got an update on this.

Google Team - We sincerely hope you are seeing this thread - is there someone from your quality team or leadership team to which this can be escalated to get a proper update. Consumer have spent thousands of dollars and bought into nest devices and this looks very irresponsible after you have reaped profits of these devices. Appreciate taking some responsibility and providing an update. Let us know if we have to tweet these to your CEOs even to get an update.


Community members, As consumers what options have we got to get here to get an update from google? Is there consumer forums where we can escalate this issue to ensure we get an update from google?

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Dear google,

Why is the protect not visible in Home app. I order one for testing. I need probably 5/6 pieces but it's ridiculous dat it won't connect to Home and therefore not able to blink the lights when an alarm happens. When you look @all tthe websites all tell you "google home en nest project".

Definitely consider my purchase.

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This is insane that one of its own products can’t integrate with google home 

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Like this they leave me no choice. I did waiting so long time anything happens with IFTTT or own Google home integration. But, nothing. Absolutely nothing.


I will replace all nest protect in my house now (5) and replace it with none google product. In the future I also have a very close eye on any nest or Google products still worth to buy, if customer support is that kind of ignorant. 

regarding assistance I also have Alexa and Siri in the house. It seems Google say bye bye now. Not trustworthy at all anymore keep customers standing in the rain; does not matter how fancy their products would be. 

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Wow, almost a year and no resolution to this...

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As the OP, my issue is why not some honesty - Will the Home App support Nest Protect? If Yes when if No why not?