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When is NEST PROTECT being added to Google Home App

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I have 5 NEST PROTECT's that I bought recently. Google has owned NEST for quite awhile now. However, I can't see my protects in Google Home. Only the NEST app.  I know they've been saying "We are constantly working to improve our  Google Home features etc etc..." for a few years now in relation to this. It's now almost the end of 2023....and I still can't add them. Question:  When??  What's crazy is I can add a ton of 3rd party products to google home but can't even add NEST Protect, which google owns.....beyond crazy.


Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hi @JPS23 

We wouldn't have this answer as volunteers here in this Community. I do know that the support team has said that it is on the "roadmap" to bring the Protects to the Google Home app.  

I have 2 Nest Protects and really want them in the Home app as well.

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Disclaimer: not a google employee) There is no expected timeline for this to be completed. The only official communication is Soon™ but in reality we have no idea and never is more likely. 

If still in your return period, I would return them all. They do not function as marketed. (They are very vague about showing what app is used, leaving the customer to expect function in the modern home automation app Google Home.

Saw yesterday a Kidde brand alarm works in Google Home, has more features snd is cheaper. I have not tested them, but they will likely be my replacement.