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When will Nest Protect be available in the SDP API

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When can we expect SDP API support for Nest Protect?  This is causing allot of frustration with the smart home communities who have very expensive devices that no longer integrate with anything since Google migrated users from works with Nest APIs. 



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Agreed. It's pretty crummy that this is just invisible.

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I think this is the same issue I have.  I want the Nest Protect to trigger my GE SmartHQ range to shut off when alarmed.  This worked in 2017 but maybe not now.  I have merged my Nest account to Google.  I can't even see my Nest Protects in the Google Home app!

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Yes, I agree with this also. I had it setup to when my Nest Protect went off with an Emergency alert it would turn all the lights in the house on. This way you can quickly see to make sure everyone is out of the house in a fire. SUPPOSIDLY GOOGLE was going to make it better I have been waiting since 2019, STILL Nothing. Google practicly twisted our arms until we change our Nest Login to a google account, Of course as soon as I bit the bullet and made the change they said they would not take it away from those who already use he Nest Connect features.  I see now that I have to buy new fire alarms soon because they have a life expectancy that expires. I will defiantly be looking at some of the others if google does not get this fixed. I currently have a super automated home, Including at least 1 google home in every room the garage and outside. I am thinking it might be time to look away from google towards another product like that one you call out her name that starts with an "A". Google please give us some help here.  I understand you and Samsung have grown a pretty tight partnership, Give them the ability to get notifications from Google home including the Nest products, Then we can use Samsung Smartthings to do what we want to accomplish in the home.


Bottom line google please help with this situation.