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alarm won’t stop randomly triggering

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This is a follow up to

"I had it removed form my protect network, and now trying to setup it again, I put the batteries on, hold the button and it tells me it will start factory reset in 5, counts to 3 and the alarm fire off and cancels the reset, again and again, tried it many times different days in different places, it is the device, there is no smoke at the house, neither outside of it. 

Additionally, it is not longer registered in the house, but the other 2 devices still get triggered by it somehow and its all noise everywhere for no reason."


That I was blocked from replying. 

I was able to resetup the device, however, it was no more than 12 hours until it started alarming again. 

I got 3 devices this is the only one randomly triggering. 

I measured at the time at the same spot the protect was and I got the following data:

- 2 ppm CO
- 0.0 mg/m3 TVOC
- 444 ppm CO2
- 0.005 mg/m3 HCHO
- 2 AQI

I took the batteries from one of the other working device this time that had no issue at all in months.

What can I do?



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi sdavtaker,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community and for sharing here the troubleshooting steps you've done. I know you've been through a lot with this but to fully isolate this issue, try creating a new home structure then reset it to the factory default and add it to the new home. If it doesn't make any alarm that means the problem is within the weave connection of the Nest Protect. If this happens, we would recommend you try to reset all of them to the factory default and add them to a new home structure then monitor their behavior. Let us know how it goes.




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I have this exact same problem.  This began as a result of following the Nest Protect Factory Reset procedure, and was only resetting because it was reported that this PROTECT was disconnected from the network more than half the time.  Troubleshooting steps lead me to the factory reset, which like yours stops after the first 2-3 counts, then says "there's smoke" and starts going off, also triggering the other 2 Protects in the house, even though it was removed.  Called Google support, let them listen to what was happening, again going through the nuisance triggers, just for them to tell me "Yep it looks like it is defective and needs to be replaced, however you are out of the warranty period".  So now I get to replace this junk with another over priced POS or replace them all.  Not impressed with NEST/Google products these days.  Even the cameras are junk and constantly disconnect and don't provide notifications.  Even as all of this was going on, Zero notifications pushed to my phone indicating any issue/alarm was happening.  As far as my network goes....My house is an 1800 sqft 2 story and I have a WIFI 6 router on every level (3 total), I have ZERO dead zones in or around my house.  Was hoping to find a solution to your issue as it is also mine but looks like Google was useless in helping you as well.  Will definitely no longer be recommending Google products to anyone I know as I once did.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello D150D,


We hear you and this is not the experience we want you to have. We understand if your warranty has already expired. To confirm, do you have the wired or battery type? In case you have the battery type, you may try removing them and wait for  a couple of minutes then replace them back. After this, try resetting them again. Also, try creating a new home structure and add there your Nest Protect. Looking forward to your response