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Awful Customer Service

Community Member

I need to report a highly concerning experience I had with Google customer service. Yesterday, I reached out to seek assistance for my thermostat connectivity issue. Despite speaking with customer service, they couldn't resolve the problem, prompting me to request speaking with a supervisor.

The supervisor assured me that they would call me back on the same day, but disappointingly, I received no response, leaving me in limbo and unable to address other pressing matters.

Today, I received a frigid voicemail from the supervisor stating that Google couldn't assist me. Feeling deeply frustrated, I called back to express my dissatisfaction and firmly assert that the supervisor should have upheld their promise of a callback. To my disbelief, another supervisor, whose voice resembled the one from the voicemail, answered the call, displaying an alarming lack of helpfulness and, even worse, resorted to mocking me with sarcastic and belittling remarks, like asking if I wanted him to "leave a note."

This unprofessional and disrespectful behavior reached its peak when he abruptly hung up the call, without addressing my concerns or offering any resolution.

Given the gravity of this situation and the appalling treatment I received, I am compelled to escalate this matter to someone of authority or a higher position within Google. Such conduct is entirely unacceptable and goes against the principles of excellent customer service. I sincerely hope that immediate action will be taken to address this issue and prevent any recurrence in the future.

Please consider this complaint seriously, and I am eagerly awaiting your prompt response.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello ukxiejhf,


Thanks for reaching out to the Google Nest Community Forum.


I'm sorry you had to experience this, and we'll take this as feedback. We hope you can have a better time with us to investigate this further and try to make things right. Can you share with us your support ID number from your recent contact with our team?



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,


@ukxiejhf, I just want to check if you managed to see the response above. Please share with us the needed information, as it will help us to move forward.


I appreciate your input, Mark.