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Better control over air filter reminders

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I like and use the air filter reminders but since replacing my HVAC and adding a better filter system, it doesn’t require a monthly change. It would be a better user experience to allow me to set the interval of the reminder. For example, the manufacturer of my filter system recommends changing the filter every 4 – 6 months. If I could set the reminder to that interval so the Nest matches, I’d be able to use the feature as it’s actually intended. 


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I completely agree.  Such a simple fix/enhancement would change this useless or irritating feature (for me) to a helpful and appreciated one.  I use the 5” media and the suggestion is once a year.  Allow me to pick the number of months.
Thanks for initiating ronnydonny, let’s hope they hear up at Nest world headquarters - and address it, and respond. 

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I second this. I use r13 HEPA filters that only need to be changed every 3 to 6 months at a minimum with a fan running non-stop. It's a nuisance to have reminders monthly. If only I could set them to remind me at a certain date and time would this feature serve my home best.

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If all you want to do is change your filter every X months, then I would recommend instead of using "Nest Reminders" for this to use "Google Calendar events" where you can set an event to recur as often as you like.  This is what I used to do before I understood the difference of what Nest reminders is doing.

What makes Nest reminders more interesting is that "reminding every X months" is exactly what they do NOT do.  Instead, they remind you based upon how many hours of air have flowed through the air filter since you last changed it.

I used to change my filter every X months, but now I wait for Nest to tell me when I have overextended my use of the filter.  And this varies across A/Cs and across seasons of the year.  One A/C which gets used non-stop may need filter changing twice as often.   The same A/C in quiet seasons (e.g. when climate is naturally not in need of much cooling or heating) may need filtering half as often.

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If you set your own calendar event based on say a quarterly time frame, you end up wasting money if you are not running your system a lot.  This method we used for years and just changed the filter.  If Nest bases it on runtime, it would be more useful if they allowed you to set the number of hours of runtime to flag. Or , even better allowed it to sync with Filtrete smart air filters so that it represents the actual reduction in airflow and condition of the filter. 3M's filtrete app is spot on for filter changes. Nest aleays way off, so I just ignore what it says. Like now, Nest just alerted me to change my filter. My Filtrete shows I still have 45% life left on the filter. Their Bluetooth airflow sensor sits smack in the middle of the filter. It has been correct on visual inspection of filter condition since I've been using it. 

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This is exactly what the unit should be doing. The code for this is extremely simple. The logic is to give the user the ability--if they wish--to select the reminder duration. Say 45 days or 90 days.  The "Go".  Not complicated; not risky. This puts power into the user's hands. Make it optional, of course, so those who have no idea how to monitor frequency can use what already exists. The thermostat I replaced with my Nest was a "dumb" thermostat--but it even had a reminder interval that was set for 90 days.  I could open the menu and see how many days I had left in the 90 day countdown.