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C Wire Adaptor Install Photo - Is this Not Right?

Community Member

Bought the C-Wire adaptor, followed the instructions provided.  Heating only system.  After installing the adaptor, the thermostat still works, which says to me the thermostat wires are hooked up correctly through the adaptor.  There's still no power though, despite me connecting the adaptor to the C-Wire terminal.  I restarted the Nest, it didn't help.  Photo attached.  I tried the terminal underneath the one the C-Wire adaptor is currently connected to as well.

Is this not right?  Suggestions?Photo Dec 06, 11 24 36 AM.jpgPhoto Dec 06, 11 23 28 AM.jpg


Community Member

im having the same issue, what are you seeing in power info(under the wrench symbol/"equipment" I see the following

Vin: 29.137V

lin: 138(W)

PS: W-138