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Nest Thermostats

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Thermostat not connecting to wifi

I’m trying to connect my new nest thermostat to WiFi. It keeps saying “something went wrong”. I haven’t ever had an issue connecting my WIFI to other smart devices like cameras or even my nest hub. What am I doing wrong?

Nest learning thermostat third generation sensors

I would like to know if there are any plans in incorporate a motion detection function to the Nest Thermostat sensors. The room where they are located does not have a specific schedule, and I would lie to be able to have the heat turned on or off whe...

Resolved! Heat Link dead

Hi all,I'm from the UK and have a Nest Thermostat purchased in February last year. The heat link (2nd Gen)appears to have died after being installed for 18 months. We've confirmed there's 230v mains to the input but there are no lights on the heat li...

TimHiggins by Community Member
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Thermostat wiring

I’m having trouble wiring my google nest thermostat model number G4CVZ The color of the wires I have a red green white brown and yellow if somebody could tell me where they go please it runs my heat but not my AC if somebody could just give me a wiri...

set up code 89

my old thermostat had 1 wire to Y2 nest does not function with this it give code 89 . if i put wire in Y1 it runs i know thats not the answer

272gary by Community Member
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