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Nest Thermostat

I just installed a nest thermostat in my mother in laws home. She is out of the country. Is there a way for her to connect to the new thermostat while she is away?

Windy1414 by Community Member
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Resolved! Heatlink dead

hi, my heat link (about a year old) is dead with no lights at all. I have tried everything in the instructions/chats but nothing changes the H71 or the lack of lights in the heat link. I really want to put some heating on so please can you tell me ho...

Nvaslpn25 by Community Member
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Adding telephone number to Presence Sensing

I have the Nest Thermostat in a Home Location with 4 separate Family Member phone numbers. 3 of the phone numbers are iPhones, the other is an Android. When my Nest Thermostat was setup originally, ONLY my iPhone number was entered & it is the ONLY n...


It's been working fine for over a year.. an now it's suddenly won't connect to the heatlink, ive restarted both heatlink an thermostat.. ive followed all the actions on the truoble shooting page.... the thermostat is now nex to the heatlink, but stil...

Qadz by Community Member
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Nest thermostat apps

I am trying to set up my nest to synch to the app, it is staying offline, however I have reactive my account still showing offline.

Rwil by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

I just installed our thermostat and it works great. But I do not have a lock icon come up and I have tried all the solutions listed on the “help” area. I bought this specifically to lock it so teenagers don’t turn our heat up. Any suggestions? I have...

Hopper by Community Member
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Unused Wire

My old Honeywell had an unused in “U” but I don’t know where to put that in the new thermostat. I’m afraid of leaving it exposed.  

Moekhan82 by Community Member
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Nest Replacement Options?

I have a new HVAC system (installed 2021) and have no heat today. Nest says it's "heating" but the furnace (gas) is not turing on. PIlot is on. This problem has occurred multiple times this winter and fixing it usually requires fiddling with the app....

DDx by Community Member
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