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Compatibility to Thermotron Thermostat

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See attached pic:

In compatibility checker it states I need support.   Not sure how to wire to nest.  Appreciate any help

I have starting clockwise on picture:  G, O, X2, B, W, U, R, T, Y.  

W and U have a soldered bridge. 


My understanding is X2 is for Emergency heat, and T is often used for outside sensor.  Neither are in the app for setting up nest.  Regardless without those configured for X2 and T the app doesn't like just G, O, B, W, R, T.  U




Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Your current thermostat is only compatible with the Nest 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat.

This is how I would wire it.


Blue - B to C

White - W to W2 (set as AUX heat)

Red - R to Rc

Brown - T not used

Yellow - Y to Y1

Green - G to G

Orange - O to OB

Black - X2 to * (set as Emergency heat)

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Hi Patrick, I have a dual fuel system, used your wiring instructions and everything worked except for gas furnace, so switched (*) to alt heat stage 2 and when testing gas furnace did turned on, not sure if emergency heat is going to work or not but I don’t think I need it, before when too cold stage too would kick in and heated pretty quickly. So I think this should do it. Thanks for your help, it helped a lot

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Hi, I have the exact same thermostat and same connections, did this worked for you?

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Community Specialist

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