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Defective thermostat being replaced with a refurbished item

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I purchased a nest thermostat in December and its hardly 3 months from my purchase date and my thermostat forced me to reset it and re configure in my google home app.


Google support was helpful as I thought and helped me create a replacement order. But surprise was yet to be discovered.


I was being given a refurbished  thermostat in lieu of my brand new defective item. When I contacted support on the reason for refurbishing item they were like kids- no answer. And the worst part, I could not even cancel the order.

Can anyone here please assist what to do and how to get this issue resolved?







I wish you luck. Google Nest's standard practice on replacements is to give us refurbished devices. Their warranties say they can do this.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry for the delay. Nest Thermostats replacements go through to quality control to ensure that the devices will work as good as new before it delivers. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with your replacement, as I'll be willing to assist you further.


I appreciate your assistance, @MplsCustomer.




Thanks Jenelyn.

I have a concern with the process and do not agree with it. Even the new devices undergo the stress testing before shipped out but still it was faulty. Secondly, refurbished products are always available with a discount. So why should new new faulty product replaced with refurbished? If replaced with a Refurbished product it should also accompany with a refund of equal amount

Thanks but thats unfair. U get a refurbished product at the price of new. 😊

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi ashokriwaria,


I understand. We’re always looking for ways to improve and we’ll take this as feedback. Also, please check out this article about our Hardware Warranty Center Policy. Let me know if you still have questions and concerns otherwise, I'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.