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Energy history not showing in app.

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History is on the thermostat but not transferring to the app. When is this being fixed? 


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Same problem here. Really annoying. Searched for a resolution for hours only to find may others are having the same issue. Really poor support. 

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Found a fix for my Google Nest (3rd gen).


I moved the Nest (it's on a stand) to the same room as its Heat Link under the boiler. Next day or so, the Usage history started to transfer from the Nest to the Android app (screenshot below). HOORAY!!!




(Earlier tried changing the Nest's network connection to a different WiFi point's 5GHz band, but this didn't work) 

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I'm having the same issue, are Google working on a fix for this?


Not that I am aware of. Although it does seem to work more reliably if you close the app after using it, which is still not ideal.

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Come on Google, is it really beyond you to fix this issue? It's has been years and it is still affecting users, what's the point of a smart thermostat that isn't very smart?

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Posting again because STILL NO HISTORY APPEARS ON APP OR WEB PORTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😤😡😩

Sort it OUT!  So frustrating for such a huge company!!

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I have the same issue as everyone else on this thread. About one day per week shows usage and no usage in the others. When you click it shows detailed usage, but no total. And then disappears when you click again. Is there some advice of what to do? 

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My history just started showing up again for no apparent reason about a week aga, after not showing up for 5 or 6 months. Coincidentally (maybe) this happened shortly after I had to speak to a Next representative for help getting it to join my wi-fi network after a power outage. At that time I told her how angry people in the Nest community were about this problem and that it seems Google has not responded. She said, "Yeah, we're having a problem with that." To which I said that would have been nice (for all of us to hear) when we first reported the problem instead of crickets.  About a week later my history was working again. Hmmmm.....

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I’m having this problem too - this is 28 Feb but history on App showing only to 22 Feb. It’s never been up to date for months. However, my wife who also had access to Nest gets history bang up to date! With high energy costs, I need to be able monitor Nest history. Help!!

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We have exactly the same issue and am waiting for the Engineers to correct issue they seem to have been working on since 2021


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Same issue here as of 2 days. Really annoying! 

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I am not getting energy history on my app. When will I get this.