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Firmware 6.22-22 broke app connectivity on nest thermostat

Community Member

Since the 6.22-22 firmware update, the app has said my nest thermostat is not connected about once a day. Strangely, if I go to the thermostat itself it thinks it is connected. I have done a factory reset, but nothing changed. I have followed the instructions 2nd level support to tweak wifi, but nothing has changed. Once a day, at different times, the thermostat’s app claims it is not connected. Resetting the thermostat seems to restore connectivity. The case ID is 8-9846999932154. 

Tech support on this issue has been unusually unimpressive:

  • The first tech support person admitted they are seeing all kinds of issues with the firmware update, and are directing people to do a factory reset to fix it. 
  • The second tech support person, whom I contacted after doing a factory reset did not work, put me on hold for 45 minutes, and never came back
  • The third tech support person forwarded me to 2nd level support. That person indicated he had no indication there was a problem with the firmware, and gave me a (useless) wifi trouble shooting guide. 

I’m going to give this a week, and if google has not fixed to firmware, I’m going yank the unit out and put in a Honeywell. At least then I’ll have vacation hold functionality. 

I’m finding the difference in tech support between Nest as a standalone company, and Nest as part of google maddening. Tech don’t seem to know what they are doing now. I don’t feel like I’m getting the premium experience I used to experience with Nest. Very sad and disappointing.  When I bought the nest it was a premium product. Now it feels like just another tech product supported by offshore resources who are reading “cookbooks” that are not appropriate for firmware issues. 








Community Member

Same here; thermostat offline, constantly losing wi-fi connectivity, very long heating cycles after the desired temp has ben reached, fan takes 10 minutes to start (or stop) when I manually tell it to. I have reset to factory, and nothing changed. I am researching competitors, as this is ridiculous. It would be nice for someone...ANYONE at Google to admit the issue and assure us they are fixing it.