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Why are schedules set at 60 minutes intervals?

I have a 2020 Nest Thermostats and when I am trying to setup schedule, I notice that the schedule set point has to be 60 minutes intervals. Is there a way to change the interval between set point?

gaoty133 by Community Member
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Normal behavior? Fan turning on after heat

I just installed a new thermostat and I wanted to check to see if this was normal or what I need to do to fix it if it's not.I have forced hot air. When the thermostat turns the heat on, it runs for certain time, then it turns off. About 10-20sec lat...

Nest power connector with multi zone controller

Hi All, I have dual zone heating & cooling system and using Nest Thermostats. I don't have C wire and bought Nest power connector. In the manual, It say that I need to wire Nest connector to zone control board but it doesn't say where in the board. S...

Umut by Community Member
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Thermostat losing connection with heat link

My thermostat is connected with wifi, but its losing connection with heat link device attached to the boiler. My boiler+heat link device is approximately 20mts away from thermostat. Is there any repeaters available to stabilise the connection?

Johnk by Community Member
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Blinking Green with Black Screen

I have a GEN two thermostat. My battery was dead so I replaced it. It blinked red for a long time, but then eventually started blinking green. I can’t get past this. I googled and it said I was running into a start up error. Thermostat is non-functio...

CraigB by Community Member
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Can't connect whole house Humidifier

I recently bought a "Nest Thermostat" not a "Nest Learning Thermostat". While going through setup, I tell it that I have a wire for *, which is my humistat wire, but I don't see how I can tell it that it's for a humidifier. Did I mess up and need to ...

ea1738 by Community Member
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Alexa turns on but won’t turn off Nest

My Alexa voice control successfully turns on my Nest, but when I attempt to tell to shut it off, the app says it’s off but in fact the thermostat stays on I have attempted a nest ResetI have attempted to disable and re-enable the skill I have attempt...