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Nest e not showing any signs of life on being plugged in.

I've already sent one Nest e UK thermostat back to the seller, due to it not turning on. I was told to leave it on overnight but it had no sign of charging or turning on, even by morning.I received a new one today and I am experiencing the same issue...

Miggyfan by Community Member
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Heat link wiring

My heatlink was disconnected and moved by builders who have left me with a box and some wires. I know the 240v feed goes into slots 1&2 and that the earth has a slot / terminal further along. My problem is with the cable between the heat link and the...

Eigerton by Community Member
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Setting the temperature

How do I set the temperature on the thermostat and get it to stay at that setting? My thermostat will not stay at the set temperature, but returns to a heat setting 5 degrees cooler.

Heat Won't Turn On

Hi,I use Nest in a second home so i'm not able to get physical access to the thermostat right now.There are 2 Nests in the home and one of them is working fine.The other is reachable and shows a temp for 47F, the temp is on eco at 61F (i pushed eco u...


Cannot turn off heat pump use.

The nest thermostat will not allow me to turn off heat pump & automatically uses it when I do not want to use the heat pump ever.My electric furnace is newer and much more efficient than my old heat pump but I cannot set the nest to where it doesn't ...

Oldman71 by Community Member
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