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Nest thermostat e - heater on only above 22/23c

I have this in the kitchen and only turns on of i manually change above to the temperature of the house which is never right. Therefore the auto schedule is uselles because if is 20 the heaters never goes on. How to fix it?

Zhivagouk by Community Member
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Nest heat link disconnecting , connect on wired link

Everything worked fine for 5weeks. Heat link next to boiler and thermostat in family room. Yesterday thermostat lost connection to heat link. Heat link with fixed green led show that it is connected. Upon wired connection immediately wireless connect...

Datar by Community Member
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Connecting Thermostat to New Nest Apps

I just installed 3 Nest Learning Thermostats. One of them connected to my Nest app fine. The other 2 will not connect. I've gone through all the troubleshooting tips and still they will not connect. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Furnace turn on

My nest was just installed, the heat pump is running but I want the furnace to kick in because it's taking too long for the house to heat up. What changes or adjustments must I make?

Heat Pump and Gas Furnace with Solar

I have a dual fuel heating system with both a gas furnace and electric heat pump. I would like to set the heat balance based on time of day and not outside temperature. Any way to accomplish this? Alternatively is there a way to set the heat balance ...

JRedding by Community Member
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