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Furnace not blowing warm air

I just purchased a google nest thermostat and configured based on what the instructions said. My current thermostat works, but my nest doesn’t. I set my nest back to factory reset but still can’t get furnace to blow warm air. I have attached a pictur...

Guytang by Community Member
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Nest changes temperature on its own

We've had our nest for almost a year and keep having the same issue. I have turned off all the settings for auto scheduling and presence sensing but my nest will still change the temperature without me telling it to. Ex: I'll have it on heat 72 degre...

Heating Issue - AC Compressor turning on instead of heat

I have had nest 3rd gen learning thermostat for over a year and has been working very well. Over the weekend, I noticed that when I turned up the heat the ac compressor turns on and starts the AC instead of heat. There has been no changes to the syst...

kiriti by Community Member
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Nest thinks I have a heat pump. No heat pump.

We had a cold snap the last week and noticed my heat will not come on. I checked the wiring and noticed I had my common hooked up to the o/b. I removed and placed to common line. I uninstalled / removed from Google home / and factory reset the app, a...

JoeyLam by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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 Hi I was just wondering if my current system is compatible with the nest? I’m a little confused as there 7 places for wires but only 6 letters. Thank you!

VickyC by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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No PIN number WiFi offline

Can anyone help. My upstairs thermostat is offline and it’s asking for a pin #. I’m a new owner and no they did not provide me with one . I see where I can reset it, but holding it down is not working. Tells me to reset on my app. Can’t find it. It’s...

Thermostat - Repeatedly "Please attach the display to its base"

New unit, was working well for a month. Then started saying "Please attach the display to its base." When I take it off and reattach it then says its restarting, shows the google G, then after a few minutes goes back to "Please attach the display to ...

tenaylor by Community Member
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Heatlink no lights

Hi, hopefully someone can help me. Heating working ok and suddenly went off. I see green light off on heatlink but power going to it.completely dead heatlink.How do i contact nest for repair or replacement ?

DavidAB by Community Member
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1 thermostat controlling multiple heat links

Hi everyone,Since the add of 5 Google Nest Thermostats (gen.3) in our house, I'm running in quite some issues. Some thermostats won't connect wirelessly and function thus only over wires (probably because a too large distance? Or do they connect with...

djniviro by Community Member
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