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Help - Nest Thermostat install - W/B, Y/O, G, RC, RC>RH Jump

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Disclaimer: This thread was migrated from our previous version of the Google Nest Community. You can continue to receive updates on your thread issue here or simply ask, browse or more in the new Google Nest Community.

Original Poster: Jacob Polson 

See attached photo.  Tried to install the Google Nest Thermostat with this 4 wall wire configuration on old Hunter Thermostat

G, W/B, Y/O, RC + Jump wire from RC to RH.  Install recommends the Nest Power Connector.  I tried install without it and the thermostat only recognized the furnace (heat).  
I'm not inclined to purchase the Power Connector, (already had to get the trim kit) and then get into my attic to install it.  I'm wondering if there is an alternate install method with my existing wire config? 
Picture attached.  
Wiring config converted thusly
wire color, old port, new Nest port
White - W/B - W
Red - RC - R
Green - G - G
Blue - Y/O - O/B
Red jump - not used for Nest

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Jacob,

Sorry to hear about your wiring issues. I can understand the hassle behind adjusting your HVAC system, so let's figure out how we can make this work.

The Power Connector was created to install for homes who don't have a C-wire that could provide a consistent charge to your Nest Thermostat itself. If you're a bit more comfortable with setting a C-wire up yourself, here's our guide on C-wires. Otherwise, my best bet would be trying out the Power Connector and/or checking in with a Nest Pro.

Let us know if the Power Connector provides the charge you need, your C-wire install goes well, or if you're having further issues with setup. We're here to help!

-From Garrett DS, Community Specialist.

Community Member

I have the same situation. Did you get this working? Or did you have to hire a pro? 

Hello Phaphaphohi,

Thanks for reaching out to the Google Nest Community Forum. I'd be happy to take a look at this for you.

To isolate: could you tell us more about how the installation went so far? You can share a photo with us of how the Nest Power Connector is being installed. Also, a photo of your thermostat's wiring setup.

I'll look forward to your response.


Hey Phaphaphohi,


I don't want to be a nudge, but I'd like to check if you were able to get the answer you were looking for about compatibility. Feel free to reach out again if you still need help.




Hi Phaphaphohi,


I'm checking in to make sure that you've seen my response. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns before we close this thread in 24 hours.