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Hot water control

Community Member

Just moved into a new (to us) house and it has the 3rd generation learning thermostats in. All of them were reset by the previous owners leaving it up to me to "setup". 

When I set them up I missed the option to turn the hot water option on and thanks to this forum I found it. Now I have a random query... I have a storage tank but it seems to give me hot water when I setup a schedule. Looking at the wiring I think this might be the immersion heater, but it's also wired up to the zone valve?!?

Can anyone tell me if the hot water option on this thermostat should just control the immersion option or should it control both the immersion and the hot water zone valve too?

Ive probably not explained this well but I've just no idea how it's working as at the moment I think both the immersion heater and hot water and wired together as when I turn on the water it calls the boiler and is hot. If I leave it off I don't seem to have any hot water at all.