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Nest Thermostats

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"No power to Rc wire detected" E73.

Doing research here this post has occurred several times but are all closed. The answers are not fixing the problem. This has happened daily for me for several days now. Works fine and then error message and system turns off the AC. My fix has been w...

CDF1 by Community Member
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Small Claims Court

Google owe me money for an engineer who fitted a replacement Nest Thermostat heat link back in May.Since then they sent me a physical cheque, which took 3 months and a week to arrive. But google cancelled the cheque.I was then told I would be refunde...

GavinHuss by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Resolved! Nest Heat link dead, power to it but no led lit

My Nest Heat link module is dead.Power is being supplied and has been checked at 240V, no breakers tripped no fuses blown.The Heat link led is not lit and of course this means the thermostat is not working so no hot water or central heating.Can I ask...

Installinh nest e, have a blue wire

On my old thermostat, a Honeywell one, there was a blue wire connected to the K spot. As you know there is no K on the nest, so which spot would I put the blue wire into?

Seifert by Community Member
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Heatlink has Lost power

Hi my heatlink has lost power this morning. I have tried resetting boiler, all wires are ok and no fuse is out. Looks like I need a replacement. please help

Kam by Community Member
  • 1 replies
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No heating

My thermostat is turning orange as normal and saying it’s heating but my boiler is not firing up and the radiators are cold! Please help

Sseezzaa by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Dead Heat Link - No Contact from Google

Hello all, I have the Nest 3rd Generation learning thermostat. A couple of days ago the thermostat started showing a H71 fault.On inspection the heat link was showing no lights even though the electrical supply to the heat link was fine.Phoned Google...


Google Nest ThermostatDuring set up app told me that I needed a C wire for full funtionality, so I connected one. Now the app continues to tell me that it is not connected when I know that it is. Have tried factory reset and deleting and re-introduci...

Pa-T by Community Member
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