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Inconsistent schedules across Nest interfaces

Community Member

Can somebody tell me why there's a discrepancy between the schedule on the app and on the web?

Here is my schedule on both...

Google Nest Thermostat - web schedule.png


Google Nest Thermostat - App schedule.jpeg

 As you can see there's half a degree difference between some. It looks to me that the app is correct as the Thermostat goes to the temperatures on that. I set the schedule on the app. Equally, if I go and do it on the web, I find some of those on the app will then be 0.5 degree out.

Does anybody have an answer to why this is happening?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi dartiss,

The temperature you see on your Nest thermostat screen and in the app is rounded to the nearest 0.5°C. Your thermostat uses the unrounded temperature to determine when to turn on your system. So the temperature you see on your thermostat or in the app might change by a few degrees before your system turns on.

That said, all Nest thermostats have multiple temperature sensors that take very precise readings. You can see the unrounded ambient temperature (to the tenth of a degree) : on your thermostat, go to Settings Nest settings icon and then Technical Info and then Sensors. Check this link for more details.


That explains why it makes no difference to how the sensor works but not why both schedules would be inconsistent. If I've set it on one schedule to a specific temperature (which I can do to the nearest half a degree), why would the other schedule show something different?