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Learning Thermostat keeps disconnecting from HeatLink

Community Member

My learning thermostat keeps failing to connect to the heat link so I tried to reset to factory defaults by holding down the button on the heat link until the blue light was flashing . Unfortunately it just stays this way and won’t connect. I can’t access the settings so I can’t turn on either the heating or the hot water. I have my elderly mother staying with me, please help!!



Oh dear, why did you reset JUST the Heat Link? Why didn't you reset from the reset menu for the thermostat complete?

Anyway moving on. What's on your screen now. H71 by any chance?

Try this, Press the Heat Link button and keep pressed do not release for at least 40+ seconds or more. Make sure you do this for the 40+ seconds not BEFORE. The blue light will pulse, then release. Do that again exactly the same.

Now look at the display, and you should see ''Replace Heat Link'' - Follow the instructions, and all should be good.

By the way are you connected a wifi extender or anything similar? Should that be yes, then don't and connect direct to your router. Make sure your connected to 2.4ghz, not 5ghz, that might help.

Community Member

I have the same issue where the heatlink  is  intermittently failing to respond to the thermostat. This has happened a couple of times through the year and I go through the tiresome issue of factory reset of both heatsink and thermostat and generally comes back on. This time the haetlink has failed to respond wirelessly again after only 48 hours from reset. I saw some feedback in a forum that there is a Known weak wifi component that fails in the heatlink but google are not being clear about it. Not sure what to do know. I also heard that google were replacing this equipment last year for this issue but don't know if this  is still the case. Help!!!!!

Your information is incorrect, the component that you say fails in the Heat Link is nothing to do with connection between Display and Heat Link. 

Are you connected via Wi-Fi extender or anything other than router direct?

I would also suggest you start a conversation yourself, as jumping in here confuses the original post.