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NEST Weather location

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Recently, in just the past week, the weather display has changed to a location other than the location of our thermostat.  I have used the Google Nest Support menu for updating the weather location in the Nest App on my iPhone and iMac.  These updates have made no difference in the display on the thermostat.  One of the steps in the troubleshooting process is to go to the Nest thermostat, press the ring, and select "Location" before proceeding.  There is no "Location" selection available on my Nest thermostat, nor can I find it buried in any of the other "menu" selections of the thermostat.  

While the weather display is not critical to me, the annoyance of it once having been correct and not being able to correct it now on the thermostat is frustrating.  What is the problem? 


Community Member

Same issue here.  Not sure where to post this to get a response.  Thermostat is 12 to 15 degrees off of actual temperature in last couple of weeks from weather stations within a half mile and mile of my location.  Never was a problem.  Unfortunately, that outside temperature that Nest is pulling from is creating issues where it locks out the use of my outdoor heat pump and switches to the electric heat furnace only.  

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Slightly different, but possible related issue for me.. My Chromecasts refuse to show the correct weather outside, no matter how many google location/home settings I set..

They show weather from a different State entirely.. and I found this out, because my IP address got changed by my ISP, and the new one is registered to a location in that other State, that's the weather I get on my TV now, and I've been spending a week trying to get that changed.

I almost have to assume Google's programmers are just lazy, and give you a fake Location setting to adjust, but they entirely ignore that input, and instead just reply on the IP address location, (which is almost always in a different county, so should not be used for weather).

Google, Fix your weather location settings!