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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat

My thermostat stopped working due to low battery. I got this model back in 2015. The battery is a li-ion polymer 3.7v 1.665Whr. Where can I get a replacement. I tried Amazon but couldn’t find exact one.

Pestevez by Community Member
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Wiring setup

So I have 3 wires coming into my existing thermostatBrown - DRed - RBlue - B What do I assign them to for the Nest wiring setup?

Buddy25 by Community Member
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Nest control

My Nest control has moved base temperature shown on device to 24°C so to turn it on I have to move dial past this figure Does anyone know how I can reduce the figure in the dial

MBT by Community Member
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Nest Learning wiring compatibility help

My house has two zones. I need help in wiring a Nest Learning Thermostat to either zone. On the first floor zone, I have both an Orange and Blue wire, but the Nest has only one connection O/B. Neither zone uses the C-Wire so I am not sure if I should...

EWC Controller.jpg EWC Furnance Schematic.jpg
JRozak by Community Member
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Google Nest Home Member

Hi,I would like to add all family members as Home Members so presence sensing works for the Nest thermostat. However, I don't want my kids to be able to change thermostat settings. Can I add a Home Member as a non-manager and how do I do this?

EricB1 by Community Member
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