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Nest Thermostats

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Manual schedule

Hi all, here’s hoping you can help. I have set up a schedule which is predominantly driven by temperatures. However, what I’d like to know is if I can have a schedule based on times, for example, I don’t want the heating to come on in the middle of t...

Angela918 by Community Member
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Trane Air Furnaces

Have new NestMy Nest 6 wiring hook up need 2 stage do I hook that up to* ob and what programming is neededThks

Home - Away feature

How does exactly the Home/Away works?How far from home an I supposed to be and for how long, in order to trigger the Away status?And will thermostat go back to home status only if I enter home or also if I'm approaching home?

thegios by Community Member
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Nest randomly sets itself to 50 degrees

i'm occasionally waking up around 3-4 am freezing only to find my Thermostat is set to 50. I've disabled all thermostat features that may play a role. There's 1 pattern i've noticed. Whenever this happens one of my Google home speakers is offline and...

DP1 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat beyond possessed

I have a nest learning thermostat series 3. I have had nothing but a terrible experience with this disaster of a product and from what I'm reading, not the only one. My nest thermostat changes the temperature all by itself like many of you people how...

Nest Thermostat not turning on automatically

I recently installed a Nest Thermostat but, for some reason, the heat (furnace) does not turn on automatically at the scheduled time nor does it turn on if I manually increase the temperature on the display. However, if I go to the "Fan" setting and ...

geneg21 by Community Member
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Thermostat to Nest App Connection

I have had multiple Nest Thermostats and have never had a problem with it connecting to my app. It installed great, wifi is working, have reset the thermostat multiple times and it still won't connect to the app.Frustrating to say the least

gnsjag by Community Member
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Google nest eco mode Problem

My nest thermostat switches into eco mode in the middle of the night when we are sleeping. I have checked my settings and my phone location settings. The home and away assist says it has not been reading my phone do I rechecked location settings and ...

mchen by Community Member
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