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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat

My nest thermostat is set at a holding temperature of 65 but it’s currently 71 in the house & has been all day. Even when I turn the heat off on the nest thermostat the radiators are still giving off heat. Only way to get the heat off is to pull the ...

BAB by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat no WiFi

Hi,Newly purchased nest learning thermostats (1 week old), downstairs has lost connection to WiFi and cannot see any networks although there are at least 4 it can connect to. Still operating manually. Upstairs still connected to internet and can be a...

Gen 2 thermostat OFFLINE and Dead

Yesterday the thermostat went offline and completely dead except for tiny green light flashing above the word nest at a rate that appears random. House cold. I performed the following tests:Checked router status and sure enough nest is the sole devic...

Jack13088 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat wifi issue with horrible customer service

I ordered my replacement unit back on November 2nd. I waited a few days to received any shipping info and did not so I called Google and Google screwed up and never created a RMA and I am not sure how this is my fault but the replacement unit was to ...


Need to confirm if there’s nets thermostat compatible with white rodgers

Sfbam18 by Community Member
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Nest Home App multiple settings

I really hope they come up with more settings than home vs away. It would be helpful to set up multiple profile for traveling vs away (not home). I have pets at home and it would be nice to keep the home at a different temperatures than if I am trave...

lameboi by Community Member
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Fan heater cycles on/off continuously

My 3rd generation Nest has been working flawlessly since installed in July. One time I got a message to check the filter and after changing the filter, system again worked flawlessly. Yesterday, it started cycling the fan and not heating. My system d...

DaveG by Community Member
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Adding a phone to Nest thermostat

I'm having trouble adding my wife's phone to Google Home presence sensor. When I try to invite her it asks for her email, but we use the same email. How do I add her phone?

Macnlu by Community Member
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Email returned

Jake sent me an email asking if I need any more help. I do but when I replied, email returned. Tries posting message here but it was cut because of HTML issues (what is that?)Any ideas how to make contact with Jake?

Tessav by Community Member
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