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Nest thermostat and temperature sensor disconnected from app

Hello, my best thermostat disconnected from the app. I couldn’t find a way to resolve it for a few days so ended up resetting the thermostat and connected it to my app. However, my temperature sensor wouldn’t connect to my app and it says that “this ...

Vvarun by Community Member
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There was a problem connecting to the Nest Services

I'm continuously getting the message, "There was a problem connecting to the Nest service. Try again in a few minutes." This has been happening for the last 2 weeks. When you click Try Again I regain access for maybe a minute then it pops up again. S...

JediHood by Community Member
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Heat link isn’t connecting to thermostat

Heat link and thermostat disconnected all of a sudden with a h71 code. Have rest the thermostat and tried to reset the heat link, also moved thermostat near to the heat link but still won’t connect, only got the amber light on the heat link. Will ope...

Allanr by Community Member
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Turn off pre heating

Hi, when I use my schedule, if I want my heating to come on at 5am, it kicks in about 2am. How can I turn this off so that the heating comes on exactly when I want it? The Early On function on the Nest Sense setting is not there. thanks james

Nest Temperature Sensor schedule.

Very disappointed to receive this and find out that the scheduling feature is pre-set. There REALLY needs to be an option to set the hours manually. This can't be rocket science to implement. I located the sensor in my bedroom, so that it could regul...

Matts175 by Community Member
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Compatibility of 3rd generation Google Nest

Hello Friends I am have my home heating and Cooling thru Hydro I have Baseboard heating. I am living in a Condo Will i be able to change the existing Thermostat to the Learning Nest Thermostat Please help me out



I want to install a new Nest Thermostat (07/2021 manufactured) and my system has W, Y, G, Rh & Rc wires (Rh-Rc have a jumper and one red wire connected). How do I know if I need a 'C' wire? When I did the compatibility check, I read that my 4-wire sy...

FarmerAl by Community Member
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