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Nest App Problems

Community Member

So, I bought my Nest Learning Thermostat with two Nest Temperature Sensors 6 days ago. Everything great worked until Saturday (Day 4). The Nest App on my phone said the thermostat was offline. I went to the thermostat and the thermostat said it was connected to my wifi. I restarted the thermostat, restarted my phone, reset my router, signed out, deleted, and reinstalled the nest app repeatedly throughout the weekend, but nothing worked. Nest App said my thermostat was offline. I downloaded Google Home and Google Home connected to my thermostat. Google Home is not compatible with Nest Temperature Sensors though. Finally, out of frustration, I factory reset the thermostat. (This obviously deleted all the data that the thermostat was storing, so somewhat defeats the purpose of the "learning" feature, that I paid extra for).

After the reset, the Nest App worked with the thermostat and temperature sensors on my phone. Until Sunday night, now the sensors won't connect to the thermostat.  I can find the sensors with my phone, but they won't connect to the thermostat. Is there something I need to do with the sensor after a factory reset of the thermostat?


Community Member

This does not seem like something you will be able to solve on your own... I found your post after experiencing a similar issue:

Screenshot 2022-02-04 11.44.02 AM.png

Unfortunately for us there are several others who have reported similar problems and I have not come across any official explanation or solution.

The only community member that seems to have had any success is @savasral who reported that after a month of back and forth with the Google/Nest support team they sent a replacement unit.

The only other solutions I have seen have all involved some version of a factory reset. I am in search of a less frustrating solution.