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Nest Gen 3 learning thermostat. Connected, Remote control unavailable.

Community Member

After nine months working perfectly, my Nest Gen 3 thermostat stopped responding to the Nest App and Alexa. It randomly disconnects from wifi. I substituted three different EERO routers with same result. Eventually Google sent a replacement thermostat and the same things happens. Sometimes when I check it it says offline, but when I go to Network/Tech Info, it shows online. Nest Weave shows Connected/Remote Control Unavailable. Went through hours of troubleshooting with EERO tech and Google Nest tech, eventually replacing thermostat with same result. FWIW, my internet provider sold about the same time but using same modem, no changes, and everything else works as before. Any suggestions? Am about ready to chuck Nest in the creek and buy something else. With appropriate comment on Nest product wherever possible, of course.