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Nest Learning Thermostat and Rush Hour Factory Resetting Thermostat

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Starting yesterday 7/20/2023 both of my installed Nest Learning Thermostats Gen 3 factory reset themselves at the end of my So Cal Edison Rush Hour Reward event. I had to remove them from my Nest account and reinstall them as “new” even though they are 8 years old and have been enrolled in Rush Hour Rewards since they were new. This glitch for me just started yesterday.

Today 7/21/23 the Rush Hour event ended and 1 of the 2 factory reset themselves again. Had to do the same process as yesterday to add it back on. Also when adding as “new” the schedule needs to be re-added each time. 

This is unacceptable and I need this to be fixed. Thank you for any help.


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We were gone when a rush hour started at 5pm.  It ended at 7pm.  We got home at 8pm and the AC was off.  Thermostat was set to 77.  Inside temp was 80 but AC was not running.  Why did Rush Hour turn off AC completely even after it was over?

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I'm having the same problem, only it's been resetting at the beginning of the event. Happened again tonight.

We haven’t had an event since I posted this (yet) 

I read in an old post from last year that someone said it had something to do if Nest Renew is active. I ended my Nest Renew plan and I’m just waiting to have the next event to see if it fixes the problem 🤞🏼

Two rush hours this week and two factory resets on our nest. This did not happen the last 5 years in the program.  

1.5.38 /3.1 backplate 5.4

We have had ours for 7 years and just started last week 😔

Hello everyone,


Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention.


I recognize that the majority of you have been using Nest Thermostats for quite some time. Your thermostats will automatically adjust the temperatures before and during Rush Hour if Rush Hour Rewards is activated, reducing energy use and grid costs. When the temperature starts to feel unpleasant, you can easily adjust it.


Please take a look at this article to Learn about Rush Hour Rewards and let us know if you have more questions.



This Nest has had 5 years of Rush Hour activations and only in July 2023 did a Rush Hour reset things to factory settings.  

1.5.38 /3.1 backplate 5.4

I agree with this!!!

Hi there,


To better understand this, just to clarify, it Reset itself after the Rush Hour feature — do you mean they perform a Factory Data Reset to their default settings, and you need to configure them by adding them again in the Google Home app or in the Nest app? Also, to avoid confusion, Nest Renew and Rush Hour Rewards are two different features. 


Yes I understand that Nest Renew and Rush Hour Rewards are 2 different entities. And I also understand that they operate independently from each other and that they are both not needed. I cancelled my Nest Renew account to “troubleshoot” the factory resets myself. 

My learning thermostats reset themselves either during or at the conclusion of the Rush Hour event when they did reset themselves. Some others have reported that theirs reset at the start of the event. Either way the issue that all of us in here are upset and frustrated with is that they are factory resetting at all (meaning new out of box settings, having to choose language and start over like they are brand new, and having to re-add them to the Nest account and also having to re-enter a schedule) and that they should not be doing that. And that no one at Google Nest seems to know or realize that its happening or why or wants to actually help customers fix the issue that is happening.

Today's rush hour notice came 1 hour early, and again it bricked my Nest back to factory settings.  We came home to reconfigure things and in the new configuration it did not notice the Rush Hour rules.  Ugh. 

1.5.38 /3.1 backplate 5.4

During last nights rush hour event my 2 thermostats functioned correctly (knock on wood). 🤞🏼🙏🏼

Greetings to all.


Even though it's been a while, I wanted to make sure everything was covered.


We appreciate you sharing your experiences and insights, as some of you are still having problems randomly changing the temperature. Please use the Google Nest Contact Us form to get in touch with us if you want to cancel Rush Hour Rewards. Our team will then process the cancellation for you. For those who are still utilizing the Rush Hour Rewards program feature and it is functioning as intended, keep an eye on your thermostat's activity and reach out to us if necessary.



It’s not about agitating temps for rush hours. It’s about the thermostats factory resetting themselves at the beginning or end of the rush hour event. 

Mine did not reset, just never came back on after rush hour was over even though set temp was way below actual room temp...

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Thanks all for input.  Hope these issues will be seen and addressed for all.  😉

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We are scheduled for an event today at 6pm so I’ll update after to let you all know what happens 🤞🏼

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Today both Nests did not notify me that there was a scheduled event at 5:50pm as they should have. At 6pm they both showed “rush hour” on their screens. At 6:45pm the one thermostat that reset itself last time no longer showed rush hour and also went back to the scheduled temp. I was assuming that it would reset itself when the event was over at 8pm but it did not. So today’s event only ran fully on 1 of 2 thermostats but also did not reset any. 
The only difference I did from last week was cancel my Nest Renew account. 
Hope this helps others having an issue

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I am also having this issue.  Today is the third time it's happened.  I have a video of it resetting itself at the start of the Rush Hour.



  • Shows the Google Logo
  • Flashes a green LED and sometimes a yellow LED.
  • Goes blank
  • Repeats for a second maybe third time
  • Goes to the Language selection screen like in first time setup.

After going through setup as though it's the first time:

  • You have to remove the thermostat from the Nest App or Google Home app since it's still connected but shows as offline and it won't allow you to re-add the thermostat.
  • Add the thermostat like in first time setup to the app

I get home to a really warm house since I can't adjust it remotely nor does it have settings saved.


Also there's no easy way to unenroll from Rush Hour