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Nest Link no lights

Community Member

Have an H71 error on thermostat. Heat Link has not lights at all, won’t reset having followed reset instructions - no lights when trying this either. Tried everything in help topics;  pairing , resetting and nothing works. Have seen similar threads in here but not solutions. Please advise


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

PJJ, the nest Heat Link uses a wireless “thread” to communicate with the Nest Thermostat.   Typically the Heat Link is paired from the factory for European markets, and must be manually paired with Nest thermostat in US markets.  The range for the wireless thread communicating is approximately a line of sight 350 feet, maximum. Have you tried bring the Heat Link itself close to the nest to see if they can see each other?  

NestPro and HVAC company owner

Sorry, just seen this, I have tried all of the ‘fix’ options and nothing worked. Google are sending a new Nest to be installed on Wednesday. Meanwhile no heating 🥶