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Nest Thermostat Heatlink connection keeps failing

Community Member

Note: this is a continuation of the following thread that has been locked:


My thermostat is back to the same old tricks - disconnecting from the heatlink at random times, occasionally reconnecting but often failing this too, requiring manual intervention.


As posted on the thread above, I ad moved the thermostat much closer over the Xmas period and this seemed to help - only had one or two drop outs during this time.  It is now back in it's original position about 8m from the heatlink and had started dropping out much more frequently.  This is all after having well over 12 months of solid connectivity from this same location.

I am now thinking that there must be a hardware fault and that either the thermostat or the heatlink is failing in some manner.  Any suggestions on what I can do to see which it is?

Also, what is the warranty on these things - this setup was bought in April 2021.