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Nest Thermostat warranty claim

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We purchased a house in June of 2021 and had Nest thermostats installed.   No issues while the AC was the main system running.   We visited family over New Years holiday and when we returned the downstairs Nest thermostat indicated on the phone it was offline.   We did not see any error codes on the actual thermostat but could not get it online.   It was 27 degrees that night and the heat never came on.   We called an HVAC company and they determined that power was getting to the thermostat but the signal from the thermostat to the furnace was not working.   The HVAC company has loaned us a thermostat temporarily and we need to file a warranty claim to get a replacement Nest thermostat and get it installed and return the loaned thermostat back to the HVAC company.   It is difficult at best to figure out how to file a claim.   Can anyone give some guidance on how to file the claim and get the defective thermostat replaced?




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The same thing has happened to mine. It is impossible to figure out how to file a claim for a replacement. Can someone please help?

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Hi,  the same has happened to me.  I have two locations and same issue in both - heat link module is dead.

can't log a warranty call - no way of real support to the end user.

great product as I have obviously committed twice to Google but I'm afraid to date the after sales support services seem to be an absolute joke.  From my experience this product has failed me 2 out of 2.

I am dizzy from going around in circles trying to get support 😂😂😂

can anyone please help?

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Called this number and in about 30min the helpful technician verified my device Nest 3Gen Learning Thermostat SN, my Gmail account and set me up for a return.  Waiting for emails with the instructions for the return.

I will let you know how it goes.

LOL!  It is so hard to find the phone number to call Nest for a warranty service.  I posted it the number here thinking it will help others, but all I see is ##########.  OMG! So it is for sure their intent to keep the number hard to find no matter what.  So here is the number again 8 5 5 -- 4 6 9 --  6 3 7 8.  Let see if putting spaces in between they don't hide it again.

Still works, thanks 👌 

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The number 8 5 5 -- 4 6 9 --  6 3 7 8 is no longer supported by Google Nest.

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My thermostat just stopped working. How can I get support? How can I determine if it is still under warranty?

Thank you,