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Nest thermostat

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I am installing a Nest Thermostat. I have Y, O, W2, R, G and C wires. The Nest Thermostat doesn’t have a connector for the W2. Where shall I connect the W2 wire?





Do you have a heat pump system?

which nest model do you have? 

You can try to connect it to W or W1 or 

* slot. With the wires you mentioned sounds like you have a heat pump system with 2 stages of heating or back up heat. If you don’t have a W2 you won’t be able to use 2nd stage of heat or back up heat. Hope that helps. Good luck. 

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Thanks a lot for responding,

Yes. I have a Carrier Heat Pump that came with an electric back up heating unit. I am trying to connect to it a Google Nest Thermostat (not the learning or the E model).

Just to be sure that I understood it, I shall try to connect the W2 wire into the W slot of the Nest Thermostat. Is that correct?

If yes, I will connect the W2 wire to the W slot and all other wires to the corresponding slots. 

Thanks again!!!


Hello everyone,

I wanted to ensure that everything was covered here.

Thanks for looking into this, HVAC.

@Súpernazareth, I appreciate you reaching out to us. In addition to what was mentioned above, connect the W2 wire to the W/W1 terminal on your Nest Thermostat. You will be prompted during the setup process about its function; make sure to choose the appropriate one for the configuration.

Feel free to let us know if you have more questions in mind.


Hi Súpernazareth,


I'm checking back in. Were you able to do the steps above? I'd be glad to hear from you — I'd like to make sure everything is working.