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Nest thermostat

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I wanted to know if anyone has this problem and if anyone had a solution for me. A number of times recently my Nest thermostat is on and supposedly heating to the temperature I have set its glowing orange and says it will take about an hour to get to 20 degree centigrade. However, when I go into the garage, which is where the boiler is situated, the boiler is not on  I usually have to then switch the power off to the heat link wait about 20 seconds and then switch the power back on the heat link device then reconnects with the Wi-Fi and after about 20-25 seconds the boiler fires up. The strange thing is I never have this issue when it’s just the hot water that is on a schedule and comes on each morning and always works. My heating is also on a schedule and comes on a few hours after the water has heated.  Today it happened again so I switched off the power to the heat link switched it back on again, but there were no lights on the heat link, so I wondered if the fuse had gone so I change the fuse and after number attempts of switching the power on and off the heat link device finally had the green light on it and then the boiler fired  up about 30 seconds later. Nest  not triggering the boiler is happening on a regular basis now, but the water always seems to work. I’m not sure where the issue lies. The Boiler is only three years old, but I’ve had the nest system since 2019  i’d be grateful if anyone had any advice for me please. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Thank you for all the information provided @Crane201 . I am sorry to hear you are facing difficulties with your thermostat and I would be happy to try and assist. 


I want to do some tests to see how the relays in the Heat Link behave. Go next to the Heat Link and open the Nest app on a mobile device:

1. Select your thermostat to access the heating controls and make sure the screen is black, heating is off.
2. Turn up the temperature until the display goes orange, heating on, and listen for a clicking noise.
3. Turn the temperature back down until the display is black again, heating off, and listen for a clicking noise again.

Let me know what the results are.

While we are there, let us also check the hot water just for comparison. 

1. Go to the Nest app and select the hot water control.
2. Tap on the cogwheel in the upper right corner to go into the hot water settings and toggle the first option there off. This will turn off the hot water schedule, you can enable it back after the test.
3. Boost the hot water for any amount of time and listen for a clicking noise.
4. Turn the boost off and listen for a clicking noise again.

Let me know what the results are.

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Community Specialist

Hi there, just checking in with you. Did you manage to check my colleague's last message?