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Nest theromstat learning gen 3

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thermostat will not hold a charge. it will start for about a minute the the green light turns red and cuts off


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We are having the same issue.   We have a unit upstairs and downstairs.   We tried the working one on the none working one after doing all the trouble shooting suggested and the working one works fine on the other spot.   Had our AC guy out to check and trouble shoot also and it has been determined that the unit is faulty.  Even with it not working the unit is also getting hot which isn’t good.  I am hoping to get a replacement as it is still under warranty.  Good luck! 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@tmwatkins, thanks for reaching out. A few questions: how long did you charge your Nest Thermostat? Before the main issue occurs, did you notice messages or codes on your thermostat about low battery? 


@Susan_5, thanks for being a step ahead of us. Could you please share with us the diagnostic file from your technician? It will help us to avoid repeating all the troubleshooting steps you've already tried. 


These are the troubleshooting steps when your thermostat won't turn on