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Presence sensing won't update to new phone

Community Member

I had a Pixel 3a when I initially set-up my Google Home ecosystem with Nest thermostat.  My wife and I both got Pixel 5 recently, and mine will not update to the new phone. Wife's 3a was smashed and she did a new set-up, then Google Home had her new phone under the old and prompted her to update, which was successful.  While my 3a was still working I plugged them into each other and did the data transfer to the new 5.  Now my Google Home continues to show 3a and will not give the option to update to this 5 phone.  I've logged out of the old Pixel 3a, deleted my membership and had my wife re-invite me to Google Home, but even after logging into Google Home as a new family member, it still has my 3a as the presence sensing device.  It will go to Eco Mode while I'm home.  What am I missing or can I do to get Google Home to reco